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From Snowy with love….

Mummy came back with a handful of yummy home-made Parmesan and Mozzarella Whole Wheat Biscuits!!
They looked amazing and smelled heavenly!!
And we just couldn’t wait to get started on them!
Just as we were waiting to get our share, Mummy started explaining where these treats came from.
Apparently, my bestie’s, Jager, Mummy baked them just for us.
Awwwwwwwwwww… so sweet can?
That’s not all.
Actually, these were baked by her on behalf of Snowy (Jager’s brother)… because… he wants to profess his love for Pecan ah ma.
#snowyhasbadtaste #cannotbelievethatahmagotdogslike 
FYI: This is Snowy, the Japanese White Goldie with bad taste in female dogs.
This love declaration came out of the blue and we certainly weren’t expecting it at all. 
After all, ah ma really isn’t fond of any other dogs. In fact, the last time they met, Snowy was following ah ma around the house. And all the grumpy old woman did was to keep walking away while growling at him. How lovable. 
So how is it even possible that he likes her?!?
Maybe it’s because he’s an old man (Snow is  9!) and needed an old lady to keep him company.
But still….
But oh well…
That being said, I’ve to admit that he’s pretty smart. Ah ma is a greedy pig and when there is food involved, everything is O-K-A-Y one.
See how happy Pecan is to receive Snowy’s love.
As for me, I was still a little unsure.
I mean, what if Snowy just wanted to poison ah ma for revenge and this was a decoy???
After some assurance and seeing ah ma hopping around in joy after eating one, I decided to take a bite!
And no regrets!
It was out-of-the-world delicious!
Jager’s Mummy is da best!!!
(Pls tell Jager to send me some love too! *Hint Hint*)
PS: Auntie Charmaine actually came up with the recipe herself! So amazing!!!
In the meantime… we shall wait and see if something good will happen from this…
And of course greedy ah ma just had to take a bite out of the heart…

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