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Ikea for dogs!

Mummy loves heading to Ikea for some therapeutic window shopping. Daddy’s pretty okay with that. Except that Mummy’s definition of “window shopping” is a tad different from others. 
Yap, she NEVER leaves empty handed.
But of course, being an obsessive dog parent, more often than not, she would end up buying something for us!
That’s the reason why you would find her in the kid’s section everything she visits Ikea. Hehehe, in fact, she added some awesome kids toys to my stash during her last visit!
Since Pecan ah ma has been leaving her toys around the house and our original toy box is overflowing, Mummy decided to check out some storage solutions for us. 
And that’s when these fun baskets caught her attention.
(Source: Ikea)
And guess what, I think the vibrant colors suit us too!
Plus, they finally allow us to stow away ah ma’s many toys.
Basket ONE is for her annoying squeaky toys;
Basket TWO is for balls (most of these are mine. hehehe);
Basket THREE is for Pecan’s stinky stuffies (mine are all torn apart, so the intact ones are her)
To earn my own keep, I mean treats, I decided to be a good good boy and help Mummy pack up the house a little.  
I picked up ah ma’s squeaky bone…
and placed it into the right basket.
#whyIsoclever #wheregotdogssosmartone
Just when Mummy was praising me for being such a clever dog, sly Pecan ah ma has to sneak in, steal the toy and ran away. 
“AH MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Of course, Mummy was extremely entertained (she was bursting out in laughter lor. -_-) and actually rewarded Pecan for being a thief!
Anyway, after some thought, Mummy decided to put the baskets beside Pecan’s feeding bowl. 
Hopefully, that would make ah ma wanna clean up the house a little more.
Of course, that didn’t work. Not at all.
Ah ma only knows how to remove toys from the baskets. Putting them back doesn’t seem to exist in her dictionary.
Oh well, being the obedient boy, I decided to help her do it instead.
Keeping my fingers crossed that Mummy recognizes my effort!
And Yap, I got tons of treats for my hard work!!!!
Another great buy at Ikea!!!
Don’t you just love shopping at Ikea?

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  1. Sammieeeee, #whyyousocleverhuh #sosmartthisdog #yourmummytandiosia. (btw sam's mummy, you got a typo. i'm not gonna tell you where. muaahahaha)


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