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Our PET Tags

Mummy got her hands on new pet tags for us!
“Put it on for me please, MUMMY!”
Me and Pecan looking great in our new collars and tags.
In case you’re wondering what’s so good about the tags and why we have the same exact tag…. 
there is something really interesting and special about these two tags…
These PET tags are made with a microchip inside each of them.
The amazing thing is that it is the only digital tag in the world that can be scanned using an Android based mobile phone, using the NFC function!
So if either me or Pecan ah ma got lost in the streets and you see us, all you have to do is lure us over with a treat (Aiya, very easy one..we are both greedy pigs), switch on the NFC and put the tag beside the phone.
A preset customized text linked to a phone number will be reflected on the message function of your phone instantly.
Once you get the information, hit send and the message will be sent to the owner (in this case MUMMY!) immediately!
And Mummy can instantly call the person who found us (Please make sure you ask for a reward hor. Since she shouldn’t have lost us in the first place. TSK TSK TSK)
Cool huh?
Daddy was so impressed lor. But again, anything techy will get our nerdy Daddy’s attention.
Anyway, there are many things that we loved about this tag. For a start, unlike conventional tags, the PETs do not engrave our actual names on them, so we don’t have to be wary of any dog snatchers since they won’t know our names on the spot. 
Plus, it can resist wear-and-tear. Gone are the days that you spot a missing dog with a worn out tag that is impossible to decipher. Just scan it on your phone and you can be sure that you got the correct owner! And, the information is instantaneous. 
It is also waterproof, so no worries if we wear it to swim too!
There is no subscription fees required and the information you submit will remain confidential!
Since you get to preset the information in the microchip upon purchase, you can come up with interesting texts. 
Unfortunately, our boring mummy isn’t all that creative, so she settled for the standard “Hi, I found XXX. Call me.”
So much for her being in the creative industry.
Tsk tsk tsk. 
(Top-down view makes me look fatttttttt…)
Of course, there are a few downsides of it too.
To begin with, you need an android phone to scan the tags. Mummy uses an iPhone, but since she is on the receiving end in this case, I guess that doesn’t really matter. 
Mummy also didn’t like it that it came in just one standard design. She has to make sure that she doesn’t mix up our tags as it would be a chore to scan it. 
Oh well, at least no more lost doggies and… 
no need to keep replacing tags due to wear-and-tear!
What a win-win situation!


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