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Want a treat? Raise your ear!

It’s our favorite time of the day…
It’s time for a yummy yum yum treat!!!
And how do you know when I’m excited?
My little ears will stand, stand, STAND!
Actually, I’m not the only one… Pecan will raise her little ears too!
Though I’ve to say that ah ma looks weird..
Raise your ear if you want a treat!
Somehow, my left ear seems to be stronger and would remain standing no matter how many times I move around. 
Ah ma’s ears will just flip up and down. 
Looks easy to raise your ear for your treat? The truth is..it took a lot of work!
We had to keep jumping up and down for our treats to get our little ears standing!
PHEW~ hard work it was. But dang, was it worth it when we finally got the yummy treats in our mouths!

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