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Sam’s Day Out – Happenstance Cafe

It’s been a while since we had a Sam’s day out!
For a change, my parents decided to leave Pecan ah ma at home and spend a long nice day with me.
Yap, just me!
Of course we had to take the opportunity to visit a new Sam-welcomed venue, the Happenstance cafe!
This time round, we also asked a special guest and his family to join us for our brunch quest! (You’ll find out who shortly!)
We arrived seconds before opening hours, so we had to hang around the fence for a while.
And when the doors opened, I couldn’t wait to explore the cafe!
Located along Opal Crescent, it’s hard to believe from the outside that this is actually a pet-friendly cafe. For a change, rather than the typical washed-out/Ikea-ish decor that many pet cafes have, Happenstance has a clean industrial vibe that is up Mummy’s alley. (She couldn’t stop staring at the brick wall -_-) It could easy pass off one of the up-and-coming cafe that the hipster crowd would love. A perfect fit for a four-legged-hipster like myself!
On a side note: the best thing about being early is that I get to explore the place all by myself!
Every inch and every crack of the place.
Besides the nice decor, I loved that there is plenty of space for me to run about!
After I had my fair share of fun, I settled for the nice window seat to enjoy my meal.
Since Sammy Loo is the King of the household, I am supposed to eat before everyone else.
Ho ho ho…
Since our special guest was a tad late, Mummy went ahead and ordered my meal.
She decided on ABC pasta with Pork and Broccoli.
No complaints man. My LITTLE tummy accepts anything, I mean ANYTHING.
My meal was served in a cute teddy dog bowl and no surprise, everything was gone in seconds.
Okay, maybe a couple of stalks of broccoli was left untouched.
Shhhh… I’m a man, I don’t do vegs.
After I ate my fill, we sat around a little and waited for our special guest to arrive.
After what seemed like forever (actually it was just ten minutes), our special guest has arrived!
It was actually….Rusty, my cousin!
We haven’t met in weeks and he was so excited to see me that he even attempted to kiss me.
We greeted each other and even spared a few seconds to exchange a couple of secret gossips.
While we did our catching up, the adults went ahead to order their own food. 
The food selection here is decent and dishes are priced right.
Mummy chose to give the Design-yourself pasta a try! 
Not only do you get to choose the pasta type and ingredients you want, you get to name your food too!
Uncreative Mummy named hers “Sam’s Brunch”.
Food was served promptly! (another plus!)
Mummy had her pasta, while Daddy settled for the Happenstance Signature Burger. 
They also got a Beef & Mushroom Cheese Fries to share. 
Seeing the spread, we just had to put on our best begging face to earn a treat.
Hehe, and… we did get some bacon from Daddy!
The crowd started flowing in right about when we almost done with our meal, so the adults hung around a little more for us to play around with some other dogs. Rusty had a ball running around and greeting every dog, while I was happy just table hopping and begging for food.
Sigh~ what an awesome day!
I’m totally looking forward to more pet cafe hopping dates with Rusty!
Mummy’s note: Happenstance Cafe probably has the best food among all the pet cafes we’ve been to! My pasta was delicious and the burger patty was really nice and juicy. Unfortunately for Daddy, the spread on the burger was spicy, so he ended up eating just the patty and fries. (Yap, Daddy has ZERO tolerance for spiciness) We did find the cheese fries a little salty, especially at the bottom where all the gravy was though. Nonetheless, we loved the vibe of the cafe and it was a breeze finding a parking lot! We will certainly return for more brunches with Sam! Oh, a good tip: Do head down early if you want to beat the crowd and let your dog enjoy the space! 

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  1. Wow! This place looks amazing – like you, love that the decor is fresh and stylish. And the food? Both the dog and human dishes looks super tasty!


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