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JRM’s 12th Anniversary Party!

Mummy and Daddy brought me to Jack Russell Mania‘s 12th Anniversary Party over the weekend!
Unfortunately, we had to leave the grumpy old lady, Pecan. But oh well, I promised her that I’ve twice the fun just for her.
The event was held at Toa Payoh South Community Club. It was quite a contrast from last year which was at West Coast Park. Though I very much prefer to run on grass, our parents were quite glad that at least I would go home mud and more importably, tick free.
Oh well…. 
Thankfully there was plenty of space and once my parents let me off-leash… 
I was having so much fun running around that my little ears agreed too!
Sam the Jack Russell Curl!
The thoughtful organizers even set aside a paddling pool for the pooches to cool off!
Too bad for me, my parents only allowed me to have a quick soak before they chased me away.
Wonder why?
Hehehe, I have a history of peeing in waddle pools since my NYC days.
Ho ho ho…
I had tons of fun running around and meeting new dogs!!!!
Unfortunately, there were fights  disagreements breaking out rather frequently (Duh~ we’re JRTs, what were you expecting? A party where everyone is holding hands and standing still??). And those who know me well will know that getting involved with fights (that I did not start) is a life mission for me. 
So I was practically dashing from one end to another just to get lend a paw in any fights. 
#Imustbethelastdogstandingineverysinglefight #gotfightgotsam #samthehooligan
Daddy had to intercept me three times by grabbing my harness. 
Due to the high frequency of squabbles happening, my parents decided to leash me up most of the time. 
I did get some off-leash time still, and when that happened, Mummy made sure that she has some uber high value treats to entice me.
Of course, they had to make me work for it too. 
We also spent some time watching other dogs and their parents play some games. 
I wanted to join but my parents didn’t think I could make it. 
Unfortunately for me (but good for Daddy), Mummy had to attend a work dinner. As a result, we had to go before the real fun began.
And for the second time in a row, I didn’t make it to the group photo.
Nonetheless, I had tons of fun barking at other dogs, trying to get involved in fights meeting fellow JRTs!!
Even though we left early, I was dead exhausted by the end of it!
“Ma~ there’s a dead dog here!”
Sucks that it’s gonna be another year of waiting for me to attempt to join the group photo. 
Till then.. JRT FTW!!!

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