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Sam’s Pick: A Dog’s Life Salon

Dearest Mummy took an off day on a lovely weekday last week. 
And we were overjoyed to be able to sleep in on a Tuesday and were anticipating that we would be going somewhere fun with Mummy for the entire day.
Just when we couldn’t wait to find out what’s up next, we sensed that something was not right as Mummy wouldn’t stop making us pose in various positions. (And that felt awfully familiar)
And that rang a bell….
*den den den den*
Yap, we were 101% right.
Our little bubble burst. 
#resigned #mylifesucks #mummyishorrible
Well, in a way, Mummy did surprise us a little. 
Instead of our usual salon, she brought us to A dog’s life pet salon that is located at Tiong Bahru. 
So atas~
Now we are officially hipster dogs too!
When we saw the exterior, we definitely had to give it a paws up for its decor! 
Who wouldn’t love a “Dog Parking’ section outside a store? In fact, it’s brilliant! Except that we can’t park ah ma there. 
She will confirm chase every single dog away. 
Anyway, the inside was really clean and spacious and we felt at ease instantly.
Plus, there were two gorgeous ChowChows to say hi to us.
Oh of course, Pecan ah ma wasn’t very impressed and attempted to charge at the chows. 
Luckily, there was a glass to stop the crazy granny. And heng that the dogs were so well-behaved and didn’t give a damn to the ah ma.
It was so embarrassing can?!
As we were settling down (aka sniffing the place upside down), Mummy went ahead to select the grooming services she wanted for us. 
For a start, there was wall decal to determine the price of the full groom based on the size of the dog. 
How cute is that!
Pecan ah ma falls between the Tweenie Weenie, while I was without a doubt a Petite size.
I’m PETITE, okay~
Anyway, besides opting for a full groom, Mummy also requested for my coat to be hand-stripped. This was my first time to be handstripped professionally. Hence, Mummy was a little worried, but decided to give it a shot after getting some assurance from the groomer!
Mummy also made the bold decision to try the pain-free and anaesthetic-free dental scaling to attempt to get rid of the stubborn tartar on ah ma’s teeth. 
So we were all set and quickly whisked into the room for our groom.
Oh, apologies. Unfortunately, there were no pampering-in-progress pictures because our darling Mummy thought it would be a great idea to abandon us here and catch a movie with Daddy.
When Mummy finally returned with Daddy, she was over the moon to see how sparkingly clean we were!
In addition, she could not stop laughing at Pecan ah ma’s ‘ponytail’.
Honestly, neither can I.
Check out how white we look!
And ah ma looked so demure and girly for once.
Took me a while to get use to it man.
The crazy ah ma acting like a young school girl.
We were obviously very pleased with how charming we looked.
Mummy was so excited as she brushed her hands through my coat and she just wouldn’t stop exclaiming how smooth it was. 
The power of handstripping~
Even more impressively is the fact that Pecan ah ma’s teeth were completely free of tartar! 
Though the dental care was a tad bit costly, it was worth every single cent as Pecan’s teeth were possibly cleaner than mine!
Mummy was tickled by the ribbon (she couldn’t stop giggling whenever she looked at ah ma) and decided to keep it on for the rest of the night.
Oh well, ah ma doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it. Plus, she was getting tons of “Awwww” from people we strolled by.
Got so cute meh? I more handsome can?
Nonetheless, we were certainly two really good-looking, well-kempt dogs after our groom!
(We looked a little hobo before the cut)
Here’s some before-and-after shots:
Can you believe it? 
It looked like ah ma shaved off some pounds simply by getting a haircut!!!!
Plus, she looked way more feminine than she did previously.
As for me, I finally have a NECK!
Oh goodness me~ I look so much younger and thinner.
Mental note to self: I’ve to keep my hair short and neat.
We were transformed from two unkempt pooches to clean, charming dogs!
Oh, and we never smelt better!
Amazing isn’t it?
Of course, we were really pleased with the outcome!
But the happiest of the lot… 
has to be Mummy.
Besides being able to bring home two of the world’s cleanest dogs (This title will last for about 24hours), the two dogs were also half-dead when they got home. 
Yap, we were exhausted by all the pampering!
The only unhappy person – Daddy. With obvious reasons of course – yap, he footed the bill!


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