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Things grown ups do – Doodle at work…

Mummy has a bimonthly deadline at work: which means that she is a walking dead for about a week every two months. 
(Yap, that also means we are stuck with Daddy while Mummy works late. No likey~)
I always thought that she was slogging her arse off at work creating great works (with us as inspiration) like this.
Until I borrowed her phone to look through her photos on a whim and saw this….
Say what~~~
Yap, apparently stupid Mummy doodles at work… at my expense!
#howcanlikethat #ilooklikeaperverteduncle
I mean, at least draw me to look more handsome ma.
Tsk tsk tsk…
I was not the least happy. 
On the other hand, Pecan ah ma was very tickled.
Of course la, they didn’t draw on your face ma!!!
Thankfully, her colleagues were wayyyy sweeter and their doodles were so much more flattering.
Like this…
And this..
(But hor, the one on the left looks like banana leaves…)
Well, at least she gave me some treats to pacify me.
K la, forgive you for now.


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