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Behind the scenes…

What can I say, we are certainly two very photogenic pooches.
Of course, while the images that made it to the blog were carefully selected (Mummy has to make sure that they always portray the best of us), it’s what goes on behind the scenes that never fails to crack her up.
Even if it’s at my expense.
We usually start with a normal shot.
Before ah ma decides that it’s fun to creep closer…
And closer. 
Nope. In case you thought that I jumped off the shot, look closer.
Yap, Pecan thought that it was fun to not only steal my limelight, but to step all over me instead.
Of course, I wouldn’t take it lying down.
As soon as the two shots were snapped, I fought back.
After she enjoyed a good long laugh, Mummy stepped in (while still giggling!!) to console me and with tons a fair amount of treats, I decided to hop back on the chair to give Mummy one final shot.
Ah ma is clearly my nemesis.

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