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Our ohpopdog collar!

Our parents abandoned us and spent a weekend on their own. 
So when they came back with a paper bag for us, we instantly forgave them for leaving us behind for a movie date.
We had really high hopes for whatever was in the bag. 
Granted that it was a little flat to be filled with treats, but with a logo of a Frenchie and a name like ohpopdog, things can’t go that wrong right?
Maybe it’s thin prata for dogs?
So I took a couple of investigative sniffs…
And to my utter disappointment…there was nothing edible in it!
#mylifesucks #myparentsabandonedmeanddidnotevenhavethedecencytobuymesometreats
By now, I was so sian that I didn’t even bother to pose for Mummy anymore.
On the other hand, Pecan, being the senile silly ah ma, decided to remain hopeful and continued to smile.
In case you’re wondering what’s in it, it’s actually a handmade bow tie collar by local dog-wear designer, ohpopdog!
Actually, Mummy has been following the brand for a while (at Public Garden Fleas) and has always wanted to buy us a piece or two. Too bad for her (and fortunately for us), we ain’t really dogs that entertain Mummy’s ridiculous dress-up fantasies. Hence, she has not made any purchase… till now.
She saw this bow tie on display and decided that she must have it! So, she convinced a very resigned Daddy to purchase it. However, being the stingy backside he always is, he was only willing to purchase ONE. 
Lucky for us, despite my excess baggage, me and Pecan can both fit into a ‘S’ size collar!
Since we had to share, we both had to take turns to model it.
Pecan looking cute and sweet in her collar.
Of course, being the more dashing and charming one of the two, I trump Pecan’s act cuteness. Without a doubt.
So, who wears it better?
After some deliberation and despite me being the better model, we decided that Pecan is the more deserving one!
Shhhhh…The truth is pink really isn’t my color… that’s why I decide to let ah ma have this one!
The only reason why Mummy decided to not insist that Daddy buy two was that she knew that by splitting the purchase over two occasions, she can then get what she wants!
 Instead of falling out with Daddy on the spot, she just has to wait patiently before she gets to extort him again.
Scarily cunning huh?
But, oh well, since I’m on the benefitting end, too bad for him la~


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