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Donut’s replicas

So, Pecan ah ma finally misplaced Donut.
(oops… cannot appear so evil…)
Ahem, I mean awwwwww~
And she was walking around aimlessly for a few days.
Of course, Mummy was as upset about the missing toy as ah ma was. 
Hence, it was not at all surprising when Mummy came back with not one, but two Donut replicas!
I wasn’t too impressed in befriending ah ma’s new friends until Mummy told me some great news..
Yap, one of them is for me!
I initially chose the green one. But of course, Pecan decides that the grass is greener on the other side and headed for mine instead.
Oh well, no point fighting with crazy old ladies. 
So I happily picked up the brown one and headed to my little corner to enjoy gnawing on it.
Was having a great time…. 
the ah ma decides that she wants my spot too.
As usual, after Mummy had a good laugh at my plight, she slowly lured ah ma away and I had my bed and toy all to myself again!
I win~~~~
In case you’re wondering, I got kinda sick of the toy after just five minutes, and ah ma went ahead to claim it as her own.
So now, she has friends every-freaking-where. To minimize the chances of misplacing the donut replacements, Mummy left the brown toy at Grandmummy’s and brought home the green one.
And yap, she is STILL walking around in the house with it.

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