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A dog’s box!

Who says boxes are only for cats?
As a Canis Lupus familiaris (aka dogs), we can be rather fond of this magic cardboard too!
One of Daddy’s online shopping (prob one of his war hammy related stuff) came in an extremely big box. Just when Daddy was about to toss it out, Mummy had an idea and decided to let us have some fun with it.
So with a penknife, she cut over a couple of openings and viola~
My little boxy fortress!
It was pretty awesome.
It was so much fun hiding in it.
Hee, I swear Mummy couldn’t find me and kept walking past me without realizing!
A happy camper in his little fort.
Too bad for me, Pecan ah ma decided that she wanted to join in the fun as well. 
So she forcefully squeezed in MY the box with me.
Ah ma clearly loves it too. 
(Spot me sulking in the background?)
She was small enough to weave in and out of the cutouts.
Not pleased that my privacy got invaded.
But luckily, Mummy cut out two holes on the other side of the box and there was more than enough space for us to peek out.
So we pretty much sat around in our fort and watched the world go by. (Unfortunately, our world consists of Mummy folding the clothes and Daddy fidgeting with his iPad. Exciting much.)
But our fort was seriously comfortable and before long, I was starting to nod off. Pecan ah ma was so fascinated by it that she just wouldn’t stop smiling.
We’re loving it!!
Kinda keeping our fingers crossed that it will become a permanent fixture in our house!
And of course, Mummy just had to order Daddy to toss it out right after we had our fun.
Le Sigh~


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