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Outing to West Coast Park Dog Run!

We typically spend our saturdays swimming. But since we’ve an exciting pool party tomorrow, Mummy decided to bring us to the WCP dog run instead! 
So we dragged Daddy out to have some outdoor fun with us! (He wasn’t too pleased as usual)
When we got there, we were super lucky! It was totally empty!
I swore I could hear Mummy cheering.
Pecan ah ma isn’t dog friendly. Hence, our parents had chosen the ungodly hour of 1pm to head to the outdoors, with the hopes that other owners aren’t as insane as them and thus, there will be no other dogs. 
Well, in the occasion that there are people as crazy as her, Mummy does have a backup plan! She and Daddy will split up (ie. she’ll continue to walk ah ma outside while I enter the park with Daddy). 
Needless to say, she was over the moon to find it empty!
Guess she wasn’t the only one…
We were pretty excited too!
We spent a good ten minutes exploring and claiming the vicinity before we got a little bored. 
“What are we gonna do next?”
Mummy always comes prepared (especially since it is a good 15 minutes drive)! 
So, she whipped out one of our favorite Daiso dog toy and got us hyped up for a good game of fetch!
To spice up the game, we had to compete for one toy!
Being a handsome young chap, I was quite confident that ah ma wouldn’t be a threat.
But I was caught off guard when I saw her ahead of me multiple times!
Don’t know why ah ma has so much energy!
#crazyoldlady #cannotlosetoahma
So I did what I could and ran as if I was chasing after a squirrel…
And of course, the ah ma wasn’t my match eventually.
I was grinning from ear to ear when I finally got my jaws on the ball!
Told ya I won’t lose one~
Anyway, Ah ma didn’t really give a ‘hoot’ about chasing the ball. She just wanted to hop and run around.
So I guess no hard feelings for losing, ya?
Being off-leashed and running around freely is just an amazing feeling and we were both so happy that we just couldn’t stop smiling!
(I look like a little vampire dog though~)
Happy ah ma trotting around.
And I was sprinting around burning off my JRT energy.
It’s extremely easy to tell when Pecan ah ma is exhausted and happy – when her crazy long tongue starts hanging out.
Unfortunately, I’ve a relatively short tongue. 
But you can tell that Sammy Loo’s in great spirits every time my little ears start flapping as I hop around.
Besides having a huge ass park all to ourselves, we also enjoyed laying down on the cool wet mud!
Actually, the satisfaction of doing the latter comes when our parents let out a sigh of despair.
“Want a muddy paw Daddy?”
Of course, the joke was still on us as we had to endure a hosing down after this. But seeing how pissed off Daddy looks – PRICELESS~
We were so pooped out that when it was time to leave, we were actually ready to go! 
What a great outing! Looking forward to more trips to empty dog runs!
Mummy’s note: We’ve heard of friends complaining that their dogs ended up with ticks after visiting this park. It’s easy to understand why. Despite it being a warm hot day, there were still a lot of mud puddles around (that the two rascals adored). The environment is really great for these pests. That being said, I wasn’t actually too concerned as the two of them are on a regular tick and flea prevention routine. Plus, I do check them thoroughly (and being white, it’s not difficult to spot one on them). So, I certainly won’t let that deter me for a good afternoon of fun with these two little backsides!

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