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Dumpling for Dogs!

Mummy came home with something weird looking today.
I had no idea what the hack it was. 
But somehow, Pecan ah ma seemed to be over the moon and couldn’t stop dancing around when she saw it.
In fact, she was so excited that she couldn’t stop smiling.
As for me, I’ve no freaking idea what this was. 
I mean, it looked like a green solid rock with a sting tied around it. 
I was rather wary of it. 
Hm, was Mummy gonna use it to knock my head when I get into mischief?
Somehow, I just couldn’t understand why ah ma was so happy. But again. she is kinda crazy.
Seeing my apprehension, Mummy suddenly remembered something – 
I am an ABCD (American Born Chinese Dog). Come ‘on, I bark in an accent k and I run away the instant I see durian. 
As what Uncle Bernard (one of mummy’s friend) always says, I am a Siao Ang Mo (a crazy westerner) since my name is SAM.
Mummy couldn’t stop laughing when she saw my expression and when she finally stopped from her non-stop giggles, she started to explain what this green rock was.
Apparently, this green rock is called a Ba Zhang (dumpling). It’s a type of food that is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival in many Asian countries, including Singapore!
It’s usually made of glutinous rice and a meat stuffing, before being wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves and steamed or boiled. 
Now that I realized it was food….
it was a different ballgame. 
*Starts smacking my lips*
Now I know why ah ma was happy to see it.
And when Mummy went on to say that it is one of her favorite food, I was sold. INSTANTLY.
In fact, I started to drool.
Thinking that I would probably get a couple pinches to taste (Mummy usually sneaks us some of her human food), I was over the moon when I heard that this dumpling was….
COMPLETELY dog-friendly!
Yap, this was MADE FOR just for DOGS!
*Wriggly dance~~~*
Time for the unveiling….
Instead of using glutinous rice, brown rice was used and rolled oats was added to keep the rice together.  The meat filling was mutton.
Mummy was supposed to steam it for 10 minutes, but being the lazy woman she always is, she used the microwave instead. 
Tsk tsk tsk
Luckily it turned out okay.
Waiting to taste this asian delicacy. 
Ah ma was sooo excited that she couldn’t stop staring at the food and ignored all of Mummy’s commands. 
Hehehe, she’s starting to be more rascal-like, just like me!
And within seconds, EVERYTHING was gone and our bowls were sparking clean.
Thank you Uncle Bryan for giving us one yummy dumpling! 
I’m truly a convert!
PS: Uncle Bryan bought a handful from Wicked Nougat and was a super darling to give us one to sample! Now I’m gonna give Mummy the evil stare to convince her to buy us more Wicked Nougat dumplings! Oh oh… maybe it’s time for me to pray a little harder!
Chants: “Dumpling! Dumpling! Dumpling!”

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