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Say a little doggy prayer…

Mummy says that if I pray for something, it might just come true.
So I gave it a shot…
“I want some treats….please oh please”
I was rewarded with some of my favorite treats in the world – Dear Deer Kneecaps and Neck steaks!
Mummy swears by them as they are the very few treats that can keep me occupied for as long as thirty minutes! The rest are usually gone in seconds. 
(Shhh, I love it so much that I will also growl when Mummy attempts to come near me when I’m enjoying one.)
Of course, being the sweetheart I always am, I was more than glad to share some with Pecan ah ma. 
We were so excited. 
In fact, ah ma couldn’t stop drooling!
So typical of the un-ladylike Pecan. 
And when we finally each got one… the rest was history. 
We gave Mummy the thirty minutes of peace she deserved while we gnawed to our hearts’ delight!
Shall add it to my mid-year resolution to say a little prayer of treats every night!
Keeping my fingers crossed that the magic will continue to happen!

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