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Our weekly groom

It’s time for something we anticipate weekly…
Our weekly brush!
It usually starts out with a round of furminator, which me and Pecan ah ma HATE!
Mummy has to wrestle us to get that done, hence no pics,
We dislike it as it can get a little pricky when she combs us. But Mummy’s a fan as it is really effective in removing stray hair.
Thankfully, the second part of our weekly groom is wayy more bearable. Actually, it’s even kinda enjoyable!
Using a pin brush, Mummy tries to neaten our coat and scratch any other stray hair left behind.
It really feels darn good! As if we were having a good belly scratch!
If you’re wondering if Jack Russells shed.
Yes, we do.
In fact, we shed a new dog everyday.
There was so much hair that it could be rolled into a fur ball!
Maybe we should do something with that hair. 
Like weave it into a toy?
We were brainstorming for some cool ideas.
Of course, as usual, Mummy has other plans.
STUPID plans.
She rolled it up and pretended that it was a wig.
Now I look victorian.
As for Ah ma….
She just looks… BAD~
Like a crazy, grumpy old lady.
Wait. That’s totally her.
Oh oh, of course the best part of the whole groom has to be the big yummy treat we get at the end of it! 
Nom nom nom…

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