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Happy birthday Smiggle!

Remember Smiggle, the American Cocker Spaniel who had a crush on me?
I was actually invited to her birthday present last weekend.
Hee, her party was held at Paw Pet-radise as well. 
Although it was held at the same venue, I was really impressed that her buffet spread of dog goodies was different from that of Cole’s. 
Plus, I love how nice the presentation is.
My only complaint – the yummy food was placed too high on a wall-table.
Like that how I reach?!
In the end, I had to rely on Mummy to get food for me.
Likewise, the humans were stealing food meant for the dogs!! I saw Mummy and her group of friends going for second, third and even fourth servings of the fruits that were meant for us!
how can?!
Happy birthday Smiggle!
One more with the little birthday girl!
Not only did I have a great spread of food, we were each given a Fetch-Box with a plushie in it as a take-home gift!
Can’t decide which to eat first.
I certainly had a ball of fun at the party!
Although ah ma was stuck at home once again, she was certainly not forgotten!
Look at what we da-bao-ed and brought home for her!
(hee, this was the first of THREE meals!)
I’m sure the only thing she was unhappy about was that she had to pose for photos.
The food was so delicious that we just had to lick the spoon clean too!
I’m officially a HUGe fan of doggie parties!!!
I’m sure ah ma is too!
Time to convince Mummy to have a party of us next year!!


  1. sam you've got #firstworldproblems. and good job pecan! you still giving mummy your grumpy face cos she makes you pose for photos! hahaha


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