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Little Craft Session…by the crafting duo!

My parents attended the MAAD event at the Red Dot Museum a couple of weekends back to support mummy’s ex-colleague who started her own artwork line, Little Shop of Dreams (L.S.O.D). 
Hee, mummy really loves the artwork as they are really simple yet cute. To support her ex-colleague, mummy bought a handful of postcards and a little canvas zip pouch. 
Me posing with the loot.
When mummy bought the zip pouch, she had every intention to personalize it (for me of course). Hence, when she stumbled upon another crafty booth at MAAD selling alphabet buttons, she couldn’t resist and bought buttons spelling my humble name. 
Of course, mummy is the queen of procrastination. And after a good two weeks or so, she finally got down to doing some craft work and attempted to sew the buttons on. Unfortunately, her crafting XP is too low and she couldn’t figure out how to sew the buttons on properly.
(Well, to her defence, the fabric covered buttons were pretty challenging to sew. Okay fine, she sucks.)

All is not gone. Clever mummy came up with another way to personalize the pouch using her trusty Martha Stewart Paint!
As clumsy mummy poured out more paint than was required, she chose to embark on two more personalization craft projects to reduce wastage of paint.
The craft project is really simple – First, stick the stencils on the item. Second, brush the paint on the stencils. Next, remove the stencils carefully (Remember to wash the stencils asap to prevent the paint from drying. Mummy took a longer previously, thus explaining the ‘dirty’ looking stencils). Lastly, simply let the end product dry!
Mummy went ahead and personalized my two water bottles!
(Yes, Orange is my color!)

In case you are wondering the finished look of the pouch, here goes.
Horrible mummy printed her own name on it instead!!!!! (She found the pouch too cute and decided to keep it for her own use.)
 Me posing (rather unwillingly) with the end product. 
Well, in case you are wondering, I did help. I gave tons of moral support by staring at mummy do her crafting and even volunteered to pose with the end products (yes, with the lure of treats of course). 
Hee, kudos to more completed simple craft projects by the crafting duo! 

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