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Couple Outfits…

Remember Peachy?
To thank Mummy for dog sitting, Peachy’s very sweet mummy bought us some gifts (toys, leash, harness etc). Mummy’s favorite of the lot was none other than… the couple tees. -_-
Peachy’s mummy thoughtfully bought each of us two matching outfits!
Introducing the SuperDogs!
 And the barrister dogs!
 Mummy kept laughing at me when I put on the Starbucks shirt as she thinks that I look like a wanna-be hunk going to the beach. 
Unlike Peachy who was super excited to put the outfits on, I wasn’t too pleased to wear something and was awfully glad when mummy finally took it off. 
Thankfully I only have to wear it if Peachy’s around!
PS: Mummy just told me that Peachy’s coming for another staycation this weekend! 
Time for us to plot some grand plans of mischief. 
Ho ho ho ….


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