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The REAL dynamics of our relationship…

Peachy’s here for her second staycation with us. 
On the surface (or at least on photos), we appear as the sweet happy couple of direct opposites. 
what really goes on behind closed doors is…
Yes. Peachy clearly wears the pants in the relationship. -_-
I’m not saying I’m henpecked. I really do do my best to overpower her and be a ‘man’. 
Unfortunately, my efforts are futile. The truth is she is still DA BOSS.
A totally defeated me and my gloating girlfriend in the background. 
As in all relationships, when it is futile to resist, you give in. And all will be good.
I was too exhausted to fight back and just wanted to zzzz even when Peachy still wanted to play. 
Gosh, she is older yet she is wayyy more of an energize bunny than me.
The only two instances where I am able to be a tad bit bossy are when…
1. The real boss Peachy is finally tired.. (and it takes a good while)
2. When I give mummy a pleading face and get her to help me. 
Other than that, whatever she barks, goes. 
Mummy took a random shot of us and couldn’t stop laughing. She showed me the photo and said that it was a really good representation of our wedding photo.
This is pretty much how our wedding photo will look – a really happy bride, and a resigned groom.
(wait… that sounds like mummy and daddy.. oops~~)
Well, time for some disclaimer…. (lest my girlfriend gets upset after reading this..)
Despite the real dynamics of our relationship, we are a truly happy couple. We still cuddle, play and share food! I really appreciate having a companion once in a while for endless morning to evening play! 
Not to mention, the stupid things we do together (e.g the wrestling, the tugging of toys) bring lotsa smile to my favorite person in the world – Mummy! I swear she could sit on the couch just watching us for one whole afternoon! 
 So, Happy mummy = Happy Sammy!
Time to get back to enjoying the remaining 3 days of Peachy’s staycation!


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