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I turned SIX – my second celebration!

And my celebration continues.
This time, with the second most important *cough* lady *cough* in my life.
For starters, we turned up for my party dressed to the nines in our new Crew La La collars.
Mummy is damn ridiculous la. 
When she was shopping for the collars, she was worried that the bows would get lost in our shaggy coats. Hence she decided to opt for the bigger design.
Well done lor. 
#nowwelookstupid #thebowisasbigasmyface
Oh well, at least you can’t miss it for now.
Thankfully, the bows are detachable.
For once, Mummy really planned ahead for my birthday this year. 

She actually ordered personalised bunting just for us since October last year.
This is from ms.emmeline.pets.
So cool right?
It’s a pity that the clipart cannot be customised. 
But we still adore it!
Best of all, it is so re-usable.
The cake had to be the highlight of the party and possibly my birthday.
Thank you so much Pawoof for accommodating our order!
If you thought the cake looked familiar, it’s because it’s from the same baker as ah ma’s 12th birthday cake!
Can you guess what the theme of the cake is???
*Drum rolls*
It is a Forest theme cake.
The best part of the cake to Mummy though – was the hat on Pecan.
(It’s kinda of an internal joke actually. The last time we ordered the cake for Pecan, Mummy made a special request to make ah ma look more girly. Thus, the really sweet Auntie Geraldine added a flower on her. To think she still remembered the request and added a lady hat for her.)
#sosweetcan #ahmabetterthankher 
Mummy was so in love with the cake that she really couldn’t bear to cut it for us to eat.
And that made this birthday boy a tad upset.
#oi #mybirthdayoryourbirthday
And just when I thought I can finally get something to fill my empty tummy, evil Mummy had to prank me by asking me to eat the tree.
Sadly, I was too hungry and fell for it.
#howcomesohardone #whereisthemeat
If you thought the exterior of the cake was stunning, wait till you see what meaty goodness was inside!
Pecan and myself couldn’t stop drooling when we saw it.
And boy oh boy, it was heavenly smelling too!
Hehe, who says I got no friends outside of school huh?
Looked who came by to share the delicious cake with us – The wong dogs, Cole and Cory!
Ah ma is eyeing her cake while I was pleading with Daddy with my puppy eyes to get him to say the release cue.
#hurryla #mybirthdayandyoustilldaretomakemewait 
It was of course, the best cake EVER!
Pity birthdays are annual affairs. 
Oh well, I guess if it did occur more frequently, it probably wouldn’t be so special and awesome.
Anyway, thank you Mummy everything!
My little tummy says “I love you”!

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  1. I wish the adorable birthday boy Sam a very happy, healthy and long life ahead. I am going to plan a birthday party for my daughter at event space NYC and need some princess cake ideas. Can you tell how did you get this cake?


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