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I turned SIX – My first celebration!

Well, if you think my birthday is just over like that, you are so so so wrong.
#dontforgetmummyisobsessedwithmelor #mybirthdayisahugethinghor
Lucky for me, the actual day fell on a school day!
(I go to dog school at Puppy Colours every tuesday.)
School started off as per normal.
And that means hanging out with my classmates and getting into trouble .

After all the fun and learning, it was the best part of the day – 
My birthday Celebration.
Mummy ordered a rainbow cake from The Barkery
#mummyisdabest #nowallmyclassmatesknowhowoldIam #iamyoungatheart
While I am usually a red meat eater, Mummy decided to go for a lighter flavour and chose fish instead.
Besides a cake, Mummy also ordered one of my all-time favourite treats (Salmon & Brocoli Paws) from Barking Good as birthday favours for my classmates to bring home.
#luckydogs #goodthingsmustsharema
Eyeing my cake and planning how to section my stomach to finish the whole thing.
Turned out the whole cake wasn’t just for me.
Of course the birthday boy gets the first bite!
Enjoying my cake with all eyes on me.
This was my very first party celebration and I absolutely had a blast.
It was pretty awesome having all my friends share my special day with me.
The best part, though, was… Daddy actually took time off work to come by as well.
#alliscompleted #whoispecan #neverhearbefore
Photo credits for the whole blogpost: Puppy Colours
Unfortunately, Pecan ah ma couldn’t come along to join in the celebration.
BUT, this was just the first of many.
She did get a huge slice of cake as compensation though.
#donotfeeltoosorryforher #hertummynowdamnbig

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