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Sam is SIX!

It’s official. 
I am one, two, three, four, five…..SIX!
#hengIamonly6 #ifIampecan’sagethiswilltakeforever
Happy birthday to me!
Birthday this year is gonna be pretty exciting for me… because, it’s gonna last ALL week. 
Well, kinda. 
Mummy has planned activities for me from today onwards, till Sunday!
Hang in tight to see how my birthday celebrations overfold.
For starters, my very first birthday pressie – ta dah~
Aiya, the very obvious blog revamp lor!
Pecan and myself are pretty impressed thus far!
Hope you like the new look as much as we do!
On a side note, I am officially a SENIOR dog now.
#soundssoimportant #selfdelusional #itjustmeansIamoldnow
Wonder how that’s gonna affect my life.
We shall see.

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