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Our X’mas countdown

December is possibly one of our favourite months of the year. (We love Jan, August, Sep too!)
Because… Christmas is around the corner!
#wewelcomeallsortsofchristmaspresent #pleasesendthemourway
Awesome mummy decided to kickstart celebrations a tad early by getting us Advent Calendars from Barking Good!
#dontaskmewhatanadventcalendaris #thisismyfirsttimehearingaboutit #butgotfoodwhocares
Thank you Auntie Dionne for delivering them to our doorsteps.

Most of our stuff are in storage, hence, the pathetic setup. 
Anyway, we did what most people would do and googled the term “advent calendar”.
Turns out that it’s a special calendar to count the days in anticipation to X’mas! And an awesome one is one that houses little gifts to be opened up each day!
#theyshouldhaveafestivalattheendofeverymonthlor #whatanawesomecreation
Gosh, why did we not learn about this awesome sh*t earlier???
We opened up the package and did a sniff test. 
As well as a thorough count to make that Auntie Dionne didn’t shortchange us.
Slight problem.. what comes after ten?
So I decided to hold Santa hostage and get Mummy to do the counting for us.
And woohoo, there were 25 envelopes!!
*Wriggly dance*
“Open them now, Mummy!”
Pecan ah ma was seriously super excited la.
“On the first day of Christmas ‘countdown’, my Mummy gave to us…
Catch of the day!”
#nowthesongsoundsweird #toomanywordsla 
These awesome balls were made of salmon and tilapia!
Since Mummy started a day late, we got to open two envelopes today!
“On the second day of Christmas countdown, my mummy gave to us…
Traditional Turkey!”
Turkey leh! Woohoo, how great is that!
It’s only day two and we are really impressed.
Cannot wait to open the rest.
To prevent us from cheating, Mummy had to hide the package in the fridge.
 At least we got something to look forward to everyday!
Oh, on a sidenote, Pecan ah ma and myself are looking for part time jobs so that we can buy Christmas pressies for our loved ones.
Auditioning for Santa’s sleigh pulling job.
Wish us luck!

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  1. so interesting one!!! and you forgot about Feb (CNY). u get more treats, minus away wearing ugly clothes…hahaha


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