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Our moving chronicles

Yap, we fell off the radar once again. 
For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been uber busy with our move. 
Now that the movers have came and left with our precious belongings, we finally have some time on our paws to do a post! 
#mustgiveexcuseswhenwearelazy #actuallythelazyoneismummy

Even though our parents have done three moves in the past five years (including two international ones), moving is still a rather painful process. 
But luckily for us, our toys have a pretty good sense of humour and had fun messing around while Mummy was pulling her hair out over the packing.
For starters, putting on our best disguise, we sneaked in a BBQ party that Pecan ah ma’s toys were having!
#thatisalamboutfit #nowedonothaveapileofshitonourheads
Yap, that’s how many squeaky toys Pecan ah ma owns.
She has an unhealthy obsession with squeaky toys and Mummy being Mummy, ended up buying one too many toys.
#yapwearespoiltrotten #cannotisit
Unfortunately for us, they discovered our identifies and threw us out of the party.
Pecan, your toys suck!
#samnohappy #pecandoesnotcareasusual
After sulking in the corner for a bit, we realised that someone was giving out free desserts to my toys, the stuffies!
So, we put on yet another disguise and joined the queue!
Praying hard that no one sees through this!
#samthegrumpylion #pecanthecheekychick
Of course it didn’t work.
We were chased out ONCE again.
Oh well, we decided to entertain ourselves with one too many sport toys. 
We are pretty athletic huh.
If you think that’s the end of our toy collection, you are soooo wrong.
This is our treat toys collection. 
Actually it’s more of my collection la. Especially since Pecan ah ma isn’t exactly smart enough to solve most of them.
#yayasam #toosmartislikethatone
Besides having too many toys and too many beds, there’s one more thing that we have wayyy too many of.
Feeding bowls.
#mummymusthavethoughtwehavefivemouthseach #okaylawedoeatalot
Yap, you can clearly see Mummy’s shopaholic tendencies and dog-related items obsessions.
And hor, just as you think she will curb her hoarding, spending ways and concentrate on the move. 
No way.
When Grandmummy went Taiwan for a vacation recently, Mummy gave her a mission.
To buy her us even MORE dog bowls.
#pawpalm #omgla
So, introducing our newest dog bowls from 拍拍 Pets’ and Design.
Besides the fact that we really don’t need anymore bowls, we do like the design of our newest additions. The white glass bowl was exactly what caught Mummy’s eyes when she first saw them.
Unfortunately for Grandmummy’s pocket, it was sold separately. That certainly didn’t deter Mummy and here they are!
#ofcoursemummydidnotpaygrandmummyback #soterriblehor
As much as we are digging these feeders, they are currently stowed away in storage.
Kinda duh huh?
#welldoneMummy #welldone
Besides the bowls, Mummy also set her eyes on their coasters as well and even got four for the new place!
On a side note, when the moving company gave us 70 boxes, Mummy was like “No need so many la. We where got so much junk.”
And guess what the final number was… 95. 
Anyway, our move is finally over and we are happily settled at Grandmummy’s place where we will call home for the next few months while our new place undergoes so reno.
We’re pretty excited and just cannot wait!!
Wish us luck that Mummy can survive Grandmummy’s endless nagging for the next few months!
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