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A day of Lure Coursing!

We finally met the adorable Westies (Klaus, Jasser and Koros, brothers from the same litter!) from the Wooga gang!
But this was no simple meet-and-greet….
this was actually an awesome Lure Coursing Session!!
#paiseh #icannottellwhoiswho
If you’re wondering what lure coursing is (and is too lazy to click on the link above, tsk tsk tsk), it is actually a fast-paced chase sport for dogs. 
Using a specialised machine, dogs will run after a ‘bunny’ lure (usually a white plastic bag), that is attached to a line controlled by the device. The machine will run the line and the dogs will chase the lure.
Simple as that.
Mummy was really excited when she first heard about it. After all, Jack Russell Terriers (like Westies) are hunting dogs and chasing after a prey is in our blood! So, of course she would love to give it a shot!
Lucky for us, Auntie Ashley has an extremely cool lure machine!
“Wiggley dance”
And..we got to try it out today!
We had to be held back while waiting for the lure to be released. 
This was to give Mr Plastic Bag a headstart before we reach him.
#catchmrplasticbagifyoucan #readysetgo
And off we went… straight after the Mr Plastic Bag!
No prizes for guessing who is the slowest.
After all, she is ancient. Besides, my age (5yo) plus each of the Westies (2yo) is still less than Pecan’s age (She is TWELVE).
I came pretty close to Mr Plastic Bag a few times, but he always made it home before I could get my jaws on him.
So, I sat around during the intervals to discuss strategy with the Wooga gang.
#fourbrainsisbetterthanone #ahmanotincluded
With the tips I collected, I ran my lungs out…
And finally got my jaws on him!
Doing my victory dance~
#naynaynaybooboo #noplasticbagscanbemyopponent #samthespeedygonzales
While I was extremely into the sport (got a little obsessed in fact), Pecan ah ma had other plans.
She kinda eloped with one of the Westie boy and had their own game of catch at the sidelines.
#cannotbelievegotanotherdoglikeher #cougarrelationshipsiah 
To ensure that we did not get over-exerted, we took multiple water breaks and salad bar breaks (yap, we were feasting on the grass). 
Oh oh, and we even met a new Corgi friend, Teddy, who unfortunately wasn’t too interested in the lure or us.
But she’s an absolutely sweetheart!! 
#whyyousitsofaraway #iamnotsmellyitisahma
After a few runs (we did about five before we were all pooped), we pretty much just sat around and chill.
Mummy loved this pic of the Wooga. 
No, Mummy didn’t photoshop the pic and paste the same dog three times. 
They are just that identical!!
Needless to say, we were two really happy pooch!
And guess what, my lure coursing practice really came to good use when I used my new learned skills to chase a crazy (possibly suicidal) cat that had the guts to run across the field that had dogs. 
Of course, Mummy wasn’t very pleased about that.
Her first call for me started off calmly. 
The second was LOUD!
The third one..lets just say her voice broke in panic.
#samhaszerorecallwhenheisbusy #thecatismoreexcitingthanmummy
Luckily the chase came to an end before it reached any roads (so, no pancake Sam or a ‘lost dog’ ad on FB) as Puss ran up a tree and hid.
Kinda sad that that was the end of my real-life action. 
#youshouldseehowblackmummy’sfacewas #sorrynotsorry
Not a bad way to end my day huh. 
How I wish Lure Coursing was an actual sport here!!!
Hehehe, and I’m hearing whispers that Daddy might be getting us one device too!!!!
Keeping our fingers crossed for that!


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