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Be a Foobler All stars!

Hehehe, if my Foobler review has tempted you to prove to your parents how clever you are, this is the deal for you!
The kind people at Nekojam are offering Sam and Pecan ah ma’s fans (hehehe, it’s a bit embarrassing to say this, do I even have fans??) a discount of $5 for the purchase of the Foobler!
#gooddealscannotmiss #laylonglaylong #Samsoundslikeanauntie
Simply type in ‘SAMNPECAN’ during checkout and viola~ you just saved some $$. 
Good luck and have a blast challenging and conquering Foobler!! 
May you do better than Pecan ah ma did. =P
PS: Feel free to donate the savings to my little belly if you want. oops. Mummy’s giving me the death stare now. I was just kidding la~


  1. Anonymous says

    I just realised today… I can tell Sam and Pecan apart by their ear colours… 😀 sorry a bit slow… 😛


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