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It has been a year since…..

this smelly mouth, terror, senile ah ma, Pecan came into my life…
And there’s not a day that goes by where I do not ask myself this question.
But the truth is…
she’s here to stay.
#FML #whyamIstuckwithacrazyahma
Although this genki ah ma has slowly crawled her way into the ‘supposed’ senior years, (She’s Eleven btw) she’s still as active and happy as a young puppy.
As embarrassing as it may sound, I’ve to admit that there are many a time where I could hardly keep up with her. 
When we first took Pecan home last year, we were given only two items – a bed and a toy. 
Unfortunately, both items smelt as bad (if not worse) than her breath at that time.
#ahmahadkillerbreath #shecouldmakeyoufaintamileaway #thankgoodnessthosedaysarehistory
Hence, when Mummy became fairly confident that she had adapted to our home a couple of weeks later, she tossed those items away.
Truth was, she didn’t even need a week to adapt. She stole my bed the very same day lor. 

Anyway, the items were so smelly that Mummy didn’t even want to put it in the washer to revive them.
That being said, Mummy did feel kinda of bad about tossing out what little memories Pecan had. 
Well, let put it this way. The bed didn’t fit Mummy’s act atas decor sense, so it wasn’t missed at all.
But Mummy did regret tossing the toy away. 
Unfortunately, she couldn’t find an identical replacement. So, she tried to redeem herself by showering ah ma with tons and tons of annoying squeaky toys. 
Hm…no wonder Pecan has more toys than me.
So when Mummy chanced upon the exact toy when out for a shoot at The Wagington, she knew instantly that she just had to get it. 
Besides, having an anniversary gift that can give Pecan something worth reminiscing about sounds pretty good.
Introducing Pecan and her “Sniffany & Co” toy.
And she loves it!
I mean.. she was extremely fond of the treats that came along with her holding the toy. (Mummy had to bribe her with treats in exchange for a decent pic)
To Mummy’s disappointment, Pecan didn’t quite take to the toy.
She much prefers her noisy latex squeaky toys that were littered on the ground.
Oh well… A+ for Effort, Mummy.
She dropped it shortly after the shot and went on to terrorize her poor Santa.
As for me, I decided to try my luck to fill my little belly by…
holding it too. 
“oi.. I also got hold. Where’s my treat?”
Although the surprise was a flop, I guess it was the thought that counts.
I’m sure Pecan appreciated the many treats she got!
You know…
I may always seem to complain about my tragic life after Pecan ah ma came into the picture, but with all due honesty, life with her around isn’t all that bad.
While it certainly isn’t a bed of roses, I do enjoy having her around to boss around, lay on, wrestle with and bark at. 
Granted that the attention I got did get cut by half, the treats I went up ten fold!
(Ah ma is AMAZING at begging for treats with Grandmummy. She ALWAYS gets what she wants. Hehe, of course I benefit from that too..)
Besides, she has silently creeped into the hearts of everyone at home, even to that of our heartless Daddy.
So…maybe it isn’t so bad if ah ma can stick around…
Welcome to our family once again Pecan ah ma.


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