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Made with Love – Desserts!

Mummy brought home some leftover dog-friendly food from a work shoot today. 
And with some tips from Auntie Gwen, Mummy decided to spice it up for us!
Using just some greek yoghurt, Mummy turned the leftovers into a yummy Greek Yoghurt Sweet potato, apple dessert, with cranberry toppings.
Looking good!
As usual, I wasn’t too pleased with the long photo-taking.
And boy, it sure was delicious! 
This is the best kind of food. Not only does it taste yummy, it is actually healthy! Yoghurt is actually good for our little tummies while cranberries are beneficial for our urinary tracts.
#winwinsituation #
We were rather disappointed after licking our bowls sparkling clean to learn that Mummy wasn’t gonna give us second helpings.
And even our best begging faces failed to work their magic.
On a good note, Mummy did cut up the leftovers of the leftovers, place them into several ice cube trays, pour yoghurt to fill them up and send them to freeze in the freezer. 
For a rainy day she says.
#PUI #mummysucks
Oh well, good things are worth the wait. 
“Mummy, we’re watching you.”

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