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Belly up…erm.. we mean cheer up!

Mummy was having a shitty day at work. 
So, ah ma and I had a quick chat to see how to cheer her up. 
After some serious discussion…
we decided… to offer Mummy a chance to give us a belly rub! 
I mean..why not?
Cheering up with two bellies up.
Of course, Mummy wasn’t too impressed but proceeded to give us two  pathetic  perfunctory scratches each before walking away.
Oi. How can so rude. We give u a chance to feel better and all you did was give us a lousy rub.
#goodheartnogoodreturns #pui 
But oh well, we’re pretty sure we saw a quick smile anyway. 
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The top rascal of a gang of Jack Russells residing in Singapore!

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  1. Anonymous says

    You should learn to play hard to get… the humans tries hard to make me roll over… but your highness will only do so one in a looonnnnngggg while… so it always makes her happy. 😀


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