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The JRTS go hiking!

Mummy took an insane leap of faith and gamble and brought Pecan ah ma along for her very first Jack Russell Mania outing to the Green Corridor.
Yap, you didn’t hear me wrong. 
We actually brought the crazy smelly old lady to an outing with many other dogs.
Not just other dogs, but fellow Jack Russells!
It’s like crazy meet crazy.
Of course, there were initial doubts if it was too much for her to handle. 
But after some consideration, our parents decided to take the plunge and went right for it.
Well, there was always Plan B if it didn’t work out – go back home. 
(Shhh, lazy Daddy was secretly rooting for that lor)
And guess what, Ah ma did beautifully. 
In fact, she was perfect.
She walked and walked and walked, alongside many others. 
I swear I saw tears in Mummy’s eyes. 
But nonetheless, Mummy was damn proud of Pecan.
So am I. 
Getting ready for the hike!
We kept our distance in the beginning to ensure that ah ma had the space she required. 
Let’s go! 
Marching on!
“Left, right, Left, right”
Once we started walking, Mummy gradually reduced the distance between ah ma and other dogs. 
And it worked!
She actually managed to walk side-by-side other Jacks!
#unbelievable #Iamdreaming #thatisnotpecan
The most amazing moment had to be when Mummy actually let Pecan off-leash!
And yap, her recall was solid and she came back EVERY SINGLE TIME Mummy called.
#ahmawhyyouspoilmarket #treatdoeswonders
As for me, I was leashed all the time because my recall is non-existent (HEHEHEHEHEHE), plus Daddy sprained his ankle playing basketball a couple of days ago. Hence, he had no confidence that he would be able to outrun me.
Oh well, I was quite contented hiding in the shaded areas anyway.
Guess i wasn’t alone.
Although the group went the wrong way and ended up at Rail Mall instead of the Bukit Timah Train Station, the dogs had tons of fun. 
And after a good two hours of hiking, there were plenty of tired and happy pooches.
Pecan ah ma and myself were two of them!
And you thought that the miracle ended here.
The group headed to a dog cafe after the hike to rest and we actually went along!
It’s not that my parents had that much faith in ah ma. The truth was our parents were dying of thirst and needed a drink badly. 
But Pecan did wonderfully in the cafe!!
She just minded her own business in her corner while arguments after arguments took place around her. 
Hehehehehehe… I even got in the middle of one!
Mummy had to grab me by my scruff and leash me up for disturbing a dog.
#IdonotstartfightsIjustlovegettinginvolvedinone #lastsamstanding #fightfightfight
Mummy was so pleased with ah ma that she couldn’t stop showering her with treats when we finally got home.
Of course, I got my fair share too!

Mummy’s note: I was so proud of my little old girl! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? You most certainly can. It just takes more time. But when you finally see the change, the feeling is simply AMAZING! I was grinning from ear to ear and I mean it. Even the nonchalant husband did too! When I saw ah ma trotting happily alongside with others, I came to realize that all the time, frustration and money we dumped and experienced over the past year were worth it. Thank you  Kristina (our trainer) for guiding us step by step through this journey and thank you to Pecan’s (few) friends who gave her the opportunity to start small. 
That being said, we will still be picking our battles and will bring ah ma to gatherings that we’re confident that she can mange.  


  1. awww pecan is so cute! snowy says you better thank him the most because he really tested ah ma's limits. hehehe


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