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Playing dead…

I have a tendency to play dead when I play with other dogs. 
It’s not that I am submissive. 
I just get a kick tricking other dogs…
Normally after I refuse to move for a while, dogs will get confused and move away.
Pecan always gets so worried that she will walk towards Mummy with an ultra guilty look.
#stupidahma #Iwheregotsoeasykillone
Only after Mummy’s (repeated) explanation that I am not dead, will she come back beside me.
The best part is… this is how we’ve been playing for the past few months and she STILL doesn’t get it!
#Iamnotdeadjustlazy #facepalm #ahmaissenile 
Anyway, if you do play with me in future, this is pretty much what to expect!


  1. Anonymous says

    Donna turns belly up sometimes, as an invitation to play too! :DBut I interpreted your lying around as submissive… so it's not? and I'm wrong? *Oops* heehee


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