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Our latest illustrations!

For those who are new to the blog and wondering who’s who…
Here goes…
aka the cutest dog in the world.
aka smelly ah ma.
Yap, it’s pretty obvious now that Mummy is a sucker for drawings of us!
(This is my 5th and Pecan’s 2nd! I’m sure there are more to come!)
Hee… just wanna say thanks to Auntie Delia from Thedufstore for the lovely illustrations! 
Go check out her Facebook page if you want to customize one for yourself!
In fact, we are so in love with them that we are even using them as our new blog banner!
Oh oh oh..and thanks to Auntie Lynne for spending time to give our drawings a simple touch and for creating our banner! 
#Mummyisatechidiot #luckymummygotfriendsthataretalented #whyispecancuterthanmehere 

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