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Sam’s Pick – Feed My Paws Mooncakes

Time flies and the Mid-Autumn Festival is back again!
And the most important thing for this festival is of course…
Knowing how much I enjoyed my mooncakes last year, Mummy decided to get me some again! Plus, we wanted Pecan ah ma to try it too.
We were rather spoilt for choices as there were multiple online dog bakeries that were selling them! 
But to give support and thank Auntie Crsytle for feeding our tiny tummies with tons of treats (check out our review here to find out what we stuffed ourselves silly with), we went with…
*drum rolls*
With so many yummy favorites to choose from, Mummy decided to go ahead and order the pack of SIX. It includes a mixture of savory [Beefy Cheese & Porky Cheese] and snowskin moon cakes [Durian Diva, Berry Bumbum & Pinky-Taro].
Don’t they just look so good?
PS: Can you spot Pecan ah ma’s drool stains on the couch!
#howcomeoldwomandroolomuchone #sounglam 
Doing the sniff test to make sure they smell as good as they look..
and they sure do!
And we are ready for the taste test too!
#giveittous #wewanttoeatnow #wewanttoeatNOW 
We started with the savory moon cake….
Can you see the minced meet oozing out?!?!?!?!?!?
Here goes….
Dang… it tasted awesome man…
Moving on to desserts…
Mummy, being a huge fan of durians, decided to give us the durian one!
I may be an American, but I’m one that eats durian! 
Have to say that Mummy trained me well. I used to run far far away when Mummy eats it. 
I stare at her shamelessly until she shares some with me. 
It was out of this world!!!!!
Mummy could smell the durian the moment she sliced it open. 
I swear I saw her contemplating for a moment whether to take a mouth anot!
#donottouchourmooncakes #buyyourownifyouwantoteat
So good can????
We couldn’t stop smacking our lips even after finishing two. 
We were eyeing the remaining four when Mummy dropped the bomb on us.
She’s sharing it with our friends instead.
And our world came crumbling down……..
And if you’re the lucky ones that got the other moon cakes…!$@!$#@@#$!$!
Okay…I’m kidding. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Oh well… at least it was good while it lasted.
Chants: We want more.. we want more…


  1. Anonymous says

    You know why she gives the rest to friends???? Because you don't drool enough… you should slobber over all those remaining ones… then she cannot give anymore *I am so smart!*


  2. Aww!! Thank you SO MUCH for the lovely write-up Sam (I would thank your mum but we both know you wrote it)!! The pictures looks GREAT!! Hehe. Can't wait to share this! So glad you and Pecan enjoyed the moon cakes! 😀


  3. Anonymous says

    I can only see your photos and find a corner to cry…LIFE IS UNFAIR SAM.


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