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Sam’s Pick – Feed My Paws Treats~

When Auntie Crystle from Feed My Paws dropped us an email asking if we were keen to review her handmade treats, we just couldn’t say no!
I mean, who in the right mind would say no to anything edible?!
Not us for sure…
She was really awesome and asked us to pick whatever we wanted. So, we spent the entire evening glancing through the website (drooling while doing so) and pointed at EVERY SINGLE ITEM.
Seeing how greedy we were, Mummy sighed and proceeded to let Auntie Crystle decide what she wants us to try.
Booooooooooo~ Mummy sucks!
As we don’t have any allergies and would eat anything that comes our way, Auntie Crystle offered to let us sample some of her bestsellers. (Fret not if you suffer from any food allergies as you can customize your very own treats using ingredients that you can eat!)
And when the treats arrived at home, we could not believe our eyes!
There were so many yummy looking snacks JUST FOR US!!!
*Wriggly dance*
We were so excited!!!
Just look at how happy ah ma is!
We were really spoilt for choice and almost couldn’t decide which to start with!
We hate to say this, but Mummy’s homemade treats really really pale in comparison to the Feed My Paws’ treats. Not only were they fresh and crunchy, they smelt great (even from a mile away). In fact, Daddy kept hovering around us looking at the animal cookies and reminiscing how much it reminded him of his childhood snacks.
We ended up having to chase him out of the kitchen lest he steals a couple.
Besides delicious-looking treats, a lot of thought was also given when packing the treats! On top of a resealable packaging, it comes with an ‘expiry’ date label. This reminder is great for bubble-brains like Mummy. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone but half the products in our fridge are either moldy or expired!) Plus, we were really impressed how long these treats could last. Most of them can be refrigerated for up to a month!
We couldn’t wait to get started with our tasting!
I quickly got into my ‘pray’ position and hoped for the best.
It sure felt like eternity before the tasting commence…
Anyway, we started with the Cheesy Chompers. Of course we loved it!!!!
But the best part of this treat had to be the fact that it came in the form of a Hello Kitty head!!!!!
I can finally eat a cat!
When Mummy said yes, I was over the moon!!!!
Now you see it…
now you don’t!
Pecan ah ma is officially a cat-eater!!!!!!!
Just when we thought that eating Hello Kitty will be the best thing we ever did, we moved on to the animal cookies!!!
I got to eat an elephant, a lion (RAWRRRR~~), a zebra and a giraffe!!
There’s a safari in Sammy’s tummy right now!!!!
How brilliant is that! 
Oh oh …and it’s the first time in our lives that we tasted Carob. Of course, it passed our taste tests and we are officially fans now!
Moving on….
The beef lungs (middle) were extremely crisp and Mummy was really impressed that it looked every bit like the commercially made ones. 
Likewise, the pork jerky and pork & apple cinnamon bones scored full marks on our taste test too.
But we’ve to admit that the highlight of our night was none other than the….
The size of the mini cupcakes was just perfect for our supper! Hence, me and Pecan ah ma got to chomp one down each!
We couldn’t take our eyes off the cupcakes.
“Can please stop taking photos and just let us eat?!”
And off we went…
We loved food and homemade ones even more. While we adore what Mummy usually makes for us, we’ve to admit that these treats from Feed My Paws were out of the world!!!! It looked great and tasted equally satisfying! Although our little tummies were bulging from all the tasting (we probably ate at least three of each type), Mummy wasn’t the least worried as these treats were nutritional and healthy!
Thank you Auntie Crystle and Feed My Paws for giving us the opportunity to do a review!
Hehehehe.. my first review leh~
*Smug face*
That being said, I’m pretty sure Mummy is gonna be a regular customer from now on!! Me and ah ma are already looking through the menu to identify what we want next!!!! 

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