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Brunch @ W39

Seeing how much Pecan ah ma has improved, Mummy decided to take a leap of faith and bring us out for a brunch appointment!
Off we go!!!
We were so excited and had no idea where we were heading to!
We used to have to travel far just to find a Sam-welcomed brunch place. But lucky for us, Mummy managed to find a Sam-welcomed cafe in the west!!
It’s none other than W39, a pet-friendly Bistro & Bakery! Actually, Mummy is quite familiar with this joint! She has visited this place numerous times for work and has come to realized that although it is a pet-friendly cafe, there ain’t always many dogs around. Not only was it relatively close by, it was a perfect place for ah ma!
Besides being the first brunch outing for ah ma since she graduated from training, we even invited a special guest to tag along!
Hee, we were excited just waiting for his arrival!
It was none other than our furry cousin, RUSTY!
Lil’ Rust is a Silky Terrier that Daddy’s sister adopted from Voices from Animals early this year!
Despite being an ex-breeding dog, he is one of the sweetest canine we’ve met! 
Well, ah ma isn’t exactly a fan of his (but again, there’s almost no other dogs that this grumpy old lady likes!). But after a few meetings, they have grown to be able to co-exist! 
As for me, we had a ball wrestling and chasing each other when we meet! (It’s a boy thing!)
Anyway, this was Rusty’s virgin brunch!!!
It was a public holiday and stupid Mummy forgot to make a reservation!
As a result, we had to laze around and wait for a table. 
In fact, we waited for a good 30 minutes.
We finally got a nice outdoor seat to accommodate our big group!
Settling down comfortably. 
I got to sit with Grandma…
while ah ma sat beside Mummy – so that Mummy could react immediately if we see another pooch.
In addition, Mummy came prepared and gave each of us a yummy neck steak to distract us. 
It was such an awesome idea as we spent the whole brunch working on it! In fact, we even forgot to beg for food from the humans!
As we gnawed away, our parents got to order their own grub from the Brunch menu!
Daddy had the Wagyu Burger, Mummy chose the Hearty Breakfast and our guests ordered Fluffy Pancakes. 
It was a quick but enjoyable brunch! 
And lucky for us, there weren’t other dogs around today!
Hence, ah ma did awesome!!!
Hopefully we will be able to go for more weekend brunches in future!!

Mummy’s note: The food is really bang for your buck! Besides being delicious, the portions were huge! My favorite had to be the mushrooms from my Hearty Breakfast! It was really well-seasoned! This isn’t our first time here and on other occasions, we did try the appetizers. The crab cakes and seared tuna is a must try too! It’s weekend brunch gets really crowded too, so it’s definitely a good idea to make reservations! While this wasn’t Pecan’s first brunch outing with us, this was the best experience so far! (We usually end up meeting other dogs while we are dining. -_-) I shall continue to keep a lookout for more quiet, pet-friendly cafes!!

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