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Our lives through an iPhone – Our weekend!

It’s a pity weekends are so short.
But just having two days isn’t going to stop us from having a fulfilling weekend!
We started our Saturday at Grandmummy’s! Unfortunately, we also started on the wrong foot and got punished for being mischievous. 
Wonder why? 
Pecan ah ma was barking at the neighbor who just came home and I decided to join her on her rant. 
Like that also got punished.
Thankfully, Mummy let us off after a quick lecture!
Pecan ah ma attempting to score brownie points by acting cute.
As for me, I vented my anger (for being maligned) on Angry Bird! (which also happened to be ah ma’s favorite toy)
Ho ho ho…
When all was forgiven and forgotten, our parents whipped us away and brought us for a swim!
 photo 8gd3e_zpsff6b58b9.gif
Pity we got caught in the rain doing so.
It started raining cats and dogs and our parents had no choice but to end our weekly highlight earlier.
Even worse, Mummy had to bathe us at home!
Pecan ah ma looking tired but happy after the bustling morning and afternoon.
We spent our night hogging Mummy’s chair.
“Nope. It’s ours. Move on.”
Clearly, Mummy was not impressed and chased us off pretty soon after this.
We decided to take it slow on Sunday and settled for being Otakus for the day.
In fact, we spent it learning about our ancestors!
Then, we got into our cleaning gears and transformed into Ahjummas and joined Mummy in tidying up the house. 
I’m taking my role very seriously k.
Nay, just kidding. 
We weren’t ahjummas. 
We were APPLES!
#Notimpressed #Mymummyisanidiot
Luckily, stupid Mummy knew to reward me well for humiliating me. 
Nom nom nom~
Wasn’t too happy about how our weekend ended, but we sure spent it well!
Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next weekend!

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