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Cat wanted…

When my parents moved to NYC, Mummy told Daddy that she wanted a dog.
Without any hesitation, Daddy said yes.
So here I am.
When we moved back to Singapore, Mummy told Daddy that she wanted a SECOND dog. (So demanding hor~)
Daddy said no for a while before he saw Pecan ah ma’s photo.
Then he said yes, reluctantly.
So here’s ah ma.
After we got ah ma, Mummy told Daddy she wanted a cat. 
(She is totally pushing her luck)
Daddy said no.
After a while, he remained a firm no.
Of course Mummy didn’t give up.
And when Auntie Charmaine rescued a little ginger kitty (lil’ Weasley), Mummy thought that it was time to try again using a different approach.
This time, she needed me on her side. 
So, on a fateful afternoon, she brought me to meet Weasley.
A sweetheart he is, but an angel I am not.
(Plus Daddy stuffed me some treats with a little instructions)
In a nutshell, I did not get along with Weasley, not at all.
I was whining non-stop and charging at him, while he hissed at me.
Along with my ‘awesome’ reactions, Mummy’s dreams of having a cat was officially dashed, for as long as I’m around. 
Sorry Mummy, that’s a long way though. Hehe…
I felt kinda bad that I single-paw-edly destroyed her 2+1 dream (2 dogs + 1 cat). 
But, the truth is, if Mummy paid a little more attention to me, she would have realized that I am the cat she always wanted!
I love to chill at weird places.
Kinda liking my cosy little corner.
I’m a little obsessed with boxes!
I’m Sam-mi-mi, the kitty in a box.
Here’s Pee-kee-kee, the silly old dog of the household.
I perform the cat-stretch.
And can even pose in style while doing so.
In fact, I’ve been doing it since I was a puppy!
I love playing hide-and-seek on high grounds.
Pecan ah ma cannot catch me!
PS: Mummy, it’s time to pack your closet.
I’m a fan of the cat teaser toy!
Despite showing this to Mummy, she wasn’t impressed and was still a little disappointed with the fact that she would never be able to shoot a lovely picture of me, Pecan ah ma and a cat.
To ease her loss a little more, Auntie JY was pretty awesome and took some time to create this… 
I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this though.
Hope you like it Mummy.
Sorry Mummy, cat wanted but it’s not gonna happen~
(I spy Daddy doing a victory dance from the corner of my eyes)


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