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Hiking with dogs @ Hort Park!

We’re just a little over the Green Corridor. I mean, how not to when you visit it 3 times in less than one month. 
Hence, Mummy decided to explore something different.
So, we went to…
We invited a special friend to come along today. 
While waiting for him, we stood around and stalked the koi fish.
Introducing our playmate for the day – Keyser! 
Hee, while it’s not the first time he is on my blog, it is his virgin feature in Singapore!
Yaps, Keyser is my best bro from NYC! We’ve been best buddies (he even came for a stay over) when we were in the Big Apple. He came back six months after I did and this is the second time we caught up with each other!
Mummy was a little concerned about how ah ma would react around Keyser. 
But to everyone’s surprise, the two of them didn’t give a hoot about each other and that worked out great!
Within minutes (they did scream at each other for a while), they were cool and started walking together.
Anyway, we were planning to take a stroll along the Southern Ridges Trail
However, it turned out that Keyser was a little terrified of the steel bars that make the floor of the bridge. Hence, Daddy (who had diligently studied the map earlier) suggested we take the path below the bridge.
So off we went.
What we did not realize was…
half the land trail was supposedly closed off and  out of bounds for hikers.
Because of that, a good portion of the path is unkempt.
Thus, we had to hike through fallen trees and cobwebs (Daddy being in front, got the bulk of it. HAHAHA) on an off-beat path to get to the top of bridge.
We ended up having to ask the construction workers at the site near the path for directions.
But, Boy was it fun!! (Mummy was panting like crazy by the end) 
Of course We loved it!!!
Unfortunately for Keyser, there was only one way back. 
So, whether he liked it anot, he had to suck it up and take the bridge back.
But boy did he do great!
We stopped for quick water break.
It took a good hour before we got back to solid land and we knew Keyser was really happy about that. 
Too bad he had to leave as his parents had something on. 
Nonetheless, we managed to squeeze in a group photo!
(Hehe, both the mummies were so proud of their kidos of the fact that they took a photo together lor.)
And of course, I was the best behaved.
Ho ho ho .
After Keyser took off, we decided to have some fun and explore the gardening hub.
And Yap, of course it’s photo time!
We found some adorable ladybugs and performed a simple balancing act.
Pecan ah ma was super funny!! She flop flat on it as she kept slipping off.
Tsk tsk tsk. 
Heng, I’ve long legs.
We did a cheesy pose of looking ahead~
Mummy had wanted us to look solemn and deep in thought.
We were like “You crazy woman, it’s so hot.” So, she had no other choice but to make do with it. 
Another balancing act. 
This time, on a fallen trunk. 
Struggling to obey the warning sign.
Argh.. a dip in the water would be so awesome.
Mummy found a spiral staircases and went down it.
We were curious what she was doing.
“Come back Mummy!”
Seeing that we were completely tired out and that the weather was getting hotter, our parents decided to call it a day and brought us home to zzzz.
It was a pity that we could not cover the Henderson Wave bridge this time round. But I guess that gives us a perfect reason to head back again!
We can’t wait to be back!!
Mummy’s note: “The hike was awesome! I adore bashing through the forest with my dogs and this was the first time we did it without joining the dog hash (hence, we saved $30!). It was a bit of a pity that it was such a short hike. I would have gone on if I could! Plus, I loved that there was no other dogs when we were there. Therefore we didn’t have to calm Pecan down (she over-reacts when she sees another dog). So we had a nice relaxing stroll at the end. It kinda made me wonder if the trail was not pet-friendly. Haha, but since there wasn’t any signs to say otherwise, who cares! We’re definitely coming back again. That is if I can wake up at 7am on a weekend. We’ll see~


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  2. Hi! I used to bring my boy for hash run too! But let's just say having too many dogs around is a spell for disaster. Lol! Anyway, I've been wanting to bring him to the green corridor (but I'm afraid I'll get lost!) or to hort park (can off-leash safely?) My boy loves off leash romp without having to worry about other dogs around or crowds. Could you offer me some advice on these 2 locations? Thank you so much! 🙂


  3. Hi Ashley! I would definitely recommend green corridor! It's one of our favourite places for off-leash fun. Try starting from the Rail Mall (You can also park there for free) and head towards Bukit Timah road. So you won't have to get lost. It's a straight stretch so it's pretty easy to spot an incoming dog. As Pecan ah ma isn't that great with all dogs (yet), Mummy will keep a lookout and leash her up before the other dog gets near. The only problem with Green Corridor is the numerous cyclists speeding pass that can get a tad annoying. As long as your boy's recall is strong, it really shouldn't be a problem! The walk to the Bukit Timah station and back takes about 30-40mins. If you're feeling adventurous and didn't drive, you can even try to walk all the way to Holland V and cab back from there! It will take about 2hours? Oh, mosquito patches for humans are a MUST and there's a chance of a muddy (but happy) dog at the end of the walk. As for Hort Park, technically we ain't allowed off leash, but there are some areas where Mummy would let us go. It's not as big as Green Corridor but you can try walking beyond Hort Park towards Kent Ridge Park. There're some trails over ground (the bridges) that's pretty fun to explore too. Unfortunately, it's laid using metal grills which some dogs may not be fond off. There were probably a few random dogs around, but not that many. Hence, you won't have to worry too much about it. (Hehehe, sorry for being so long winded!) Do let us know how it goes! =D


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