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Pinku-chan the Octopus

Auntie JY bought us a new toy from Ju-be a few weeks ago!
We decided to name it Pinku-chan!
And yap, she’s a hand-knitted Octopus, made of toxic-free wool.
We likey~ 
“Oh.. you mean Pinku is not my dinner?”
When I realized Pinku-chan was no calamari, I’ve to admit that I was a little disappointed.
But thankfully Pinku-chan is really sporting and fun to play with.
One of our favorite games is balancing her on our foreheads!!
Pinku-chan also enjoys riding on me!
Pecan ah ma is too wriggly for her. 
Plus, my fat sturdy body is also great for Pinku-chan to rest on!
We had a ball chasing her around the house. 
It’s a pity that she is a little fragile and Mummy has to keep it away at times to prevent us for pulling a leg or two out.
Thanks Auntie JY for our new toy pet!!

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