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Our Yoghurt beards..

Mummy had some leftover yoghurt and she decided to give us some.
It was the best thing EVER!!
We licked and licked and licked and licked…
so much so that we actually ended up with…
After wayy too soon, we had licked the cup sparkingly clean.
We really couldn’t be bothered with what Mummy was laughing non-stop at. (Crazy woman)
We just wanted more yoghurt!
We did what we do best: put on our begging puppy eyes. 
We even added some lip-smacking actions to up our begging powers.
After way too long, (and our crazy mummy still laughing) I came to realise that there was nothing left.
Pecan ah ma naively continued trying (she tried really hard too) and me, well, just my usual pissed off face.
“Why you buy so little?!”

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