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From my MIL with love!

Mummy brought home two small packages.
And we can’t help but wonder who they are for! 
Plus, they smell heavenly!!! (We could not stop sniffing them too)
And then Mummy said a sentence that got both of us up and doing our wriggly dance!
Oh oh..and even better.. they are home baked pork-carrot-brocoli 
cookies (she calls them Snowpoo Porkies) by Auntie Charmaine!
We each chope’ the packet we wanted. 
(Dang, my singlish is getting better man)
It smells even better when it’s opened!
Stupid Mummy only gave us half each (NOT EVEN ONE FULL PIECE! WHAT BS!) and kept the rest.
So stingy can~
When I showed her my sulky face, she conveniently blames it on my waistline. 
Oh well, at least I know that the rest of my goodies are kept safely in the fridge. Shall pop out while Mummy and Pecan ah ma are fast asleep later and finish the rest ALL BY MYSELF.
He he he…

PS: Auntie Lynne and Auntie JY, if you bake us something, we will also think you are awesome too.

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