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Sam and Pecan’s very own Toyota Rush!

Remember we mentioned something exciting about our new ride?
Guess what, yes, we finally have our very own personalized doggie car! 
Well, actually, we have had it for about one month now. It’s just that our lazy Mummy has been really slow in updating this. 
*Tsk tsk tsk*
Anyway, introducing… Gin!
Gin is a 2007 Toyota Rush!
Being rather tight on budget, our parents settled for a preloved car (We are his third and last owner). While silver isn’t exactly the color of Mummy’s choice, beggars can’t be choosers ma. There weren’t any white ones around, so here we got stuck with Gin!
But again, me and Pecan ah ma really don’t give a shit care as long as there is something to bring us places.
Our parents initially wanted a Honda Jazz/Fit. But came to realize that it isn’t exactly value for money. 
Instead, they settled for Gin for one simple reason.
The backseats fold up all the way to create a huge ‘playpen’ at the back. So effectively, Gin transforms to a coupe in seconds with a lot of space for the two cute doggies!
We weren’t there when our parents when car shopping. And when they drove Gin back, she received our paws of approval instantly!
*Paw-pats on our parents’ back* Decision well made.. 
Since Gin belongs to us, Mummy could customize it anyway she wanted!
She started by purchasing a Kurgo Hammock Seat Protector (above) that works as a seat protector and a mat when the seats are pulled up. 
Then, she purchased the Kurgo Car Door Guard to protect the doors from Pecan ah ma’s drool. 
Stupid Mummy actually bought two sets of it, thinking that each box comes with one side. 
-_- How dumb! Of course they came in a set! Duh~ So now we’re stuck with an extra set lying in the storeroom.
Brilliant, just brilliant. *Shakes head*
Moving on..
Mummy always knew she would get her own car one day. Hence, she bought some car decals when we were in Disneyland in Anaheim. 
The only thing she forgot was that she also wanted to have two dogs. 
So, she only bought one dog decal.
Anyway, we’re just happy to have a ride of our own, with our dog slaves parents as our chauffeurs. 
On good days, we get to ride shotgun.
Wondering why the car isn’t moving..
On other days, we rest comfortably in our ‘playpen’!
Plenty of space for the two little rascals huh!
Pity for us, Mummy says that we can only drive when we get our licenses. Time to start some driving lessons.
Regardless of where we sit, we are still happy campers.
All dogs onboard!
Let’s go!

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