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I was still wondering if there was any special occasion today as we started the day a little differently.
 Our usual weekday morning routine includes Mummy dragging herself out of the bed. Then she drags me out of bed. She brings us for a quick pee and loads us into the car. She’ll then drive to Grandmummy’s place, drop us off and head to work. And we will spend the rest of the day rotting away.
But it was different today. 
First, we got to sleep in late. Then, Mummy brought us for a nice long walk in the morning. We came back for a yummy brekkie and Mummy even gave us some of her sausage bun. And, the best part of all, we went swimming~ 
All on a weekday!
Of course, just when I was wondering if it is my birthday again or something like that, I started to realize what was going on.
Yap, a grooming session that is.
I’m not a big fan of grooming. 
And thankfully, it happens only once every 3-4 months as I’m just a JRT. (Image if I was a Poodle! *Horrified*
Mummy always brings me to Auntie Lulu at Happy Pets. She is awesome and always does wonders in making me look white and smell like a million bucks. Hence, Mummy adores her!
As for me, nay~ I’m happier rolling in mud then being groomed. 
Oh well…
Thankfully Auntie Lulu is very efficient and in less than an hour and a half, she ended my agony and Mummy had two clean and sweet-smelling dogs in her arms again!
Wondering how we look now?
We started the morning looking like this:
Two innocent dogs, unaware of what was coming their way.
And ended it like this:
Two pearly white and neat dogs. 
Here’s a closer comparison!
Not much of a difference for me actually. Still as good looking. Probably just neater and more puppyish.
My only complaint – the shorter cut makes me look fat. Booo~ Mummy had a lot of fun laughing at me of course.
Actually, Mummy hates the natural curl on my back. Hence, she was pretty happy to see that most of it has been shaved off. 
Oh boy, the haircut took years off her! She looks so much younger and less like a crazy old lady.
So much so that Mummy actually thinks that she looks like a little boy! 
Ironically, Pecan ah ma did better at the groomer’s than I did as I was whining non-stop throughout the session. I blame it on Mummy who was sitting outside. 
Oh well, at least Daddy was happy to see us for once when we picked him up. He even allowed us to sit on his lap on the journey home. 
Oh well, I guess there is some good in being groomed. 
On a good note, we were so exhausted that we both crashed right after dinner… 
Good for Mummy as she didn’t have to bring us for our long evening stroll today!

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