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Mummy’s Nth Shopping Spreeeee~

Huge parcels arrived at our doorsteps today.
And judging by past experiences, there must be something awesome inside for us.
We put on our best behaviour for the night and waited impatiently for our surprises…
And after dinner, our gifts unfold one after another.
It started off with something kinda blah…
We already had the khaki one, but Mummy wanted to get one for our own ride.
Boring~ Next please.
Mummy’s next purchase was a Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit!
Not only does it come in a nice and compact packaging, it is equipped with items we need in case of an emergency. There’s a First aid instruction manual as well!
In fact, Daddy the medic was pretty impressed and commented that our first aid kit is even more comprehensive than the human ones they have at home.
Thankfully those were the only crappy items since they were of very little value to us.
Best of all, the rest of the purchase were rather amazing!
A purchase for us will never with completed without a toys. And of course, Mummy knew that. Thus, she got us an IQ toy – Hide-A-Bee Plush toys!
We loved it! Although she only bought one, it came with a hive and 3 little buzzy bees. Hence, there were more than enough to go around!
We each caught a bee and made ‘friends’ with it!
My bee kinda lost it’s wings after a while. Hehehe.
Pecan’s bee was still intact, but extremely slimy.
Just when we were getting a little tired after all the fun, Mummy whipped out the next two items – our very own Jax and Bones Crypton Cozy Dog Mats
We ain’t the world’s cleanest eaters and love leaving little crumbs (and drool) here and there on our (and our parent’s) beds. 
No doubt Mummy got pretty fed up having to change her sheets often. Therefore, she decided to purchase washing machine friendly dog mats for us to chew our treats on!  
Not only are they easy to clean and pretty to look at, they are super comfy too!
So, we totally approve!
The last purchase was so apt for us lor.
Especially since rolling in dirt is one of our favourite activities!
Mummy got us Dirty dog doormats!
Its microfiber material makes it super absorbent of water and even dirt! And the texture is so comfy to step and roll on! We also have a horrible habit of rubbing on fabric surfaces after our weekly bath. As a result, Mummy got these for us to prevent us for rubbing ourselves dry on her couch or bed in future. Plus, by placing it right outside the loo, she can also dry off her feet after using the bathroom.
Clever huh?
Especially since we loved it so much that Mummy had to chase us away after she first laid it on the floor.
Pecan ah ma absolutely adores it and she would actually head over to it every morning for her routine morning rub.
As for me, I’m pretty much on it for the rest of the day, so if you are looking for me, I’m right outside the toilet ey?

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