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Cartoon Pecan!

Pecan’s portrait finally made its way from my homeland (USA) to Singapore! And Mummy was really delighted to see it!
The proud ah-ma showing off her cartoon version!
Of course I cannot lose, 
so here’s a photo of adorable me and my even more adorable cartoon portrait.
Ain’t we cute?
Somehow ah-ma decides that her best angle is her right profile. 
I don’t quite agree but she wasn’t very receptive to my suggestion. 
Anyway, as promised, Mummy went ahead and made magnets using ah ma’s drawing.
So, here’s her and her magnets and a distracting strand of hair belonging to Daddy on the floor. 
Spot us on the fridge!
Mummy’s planning to frame our portraits together and hang them on the wall.
Can’t wait to see the outcome!

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