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Couch Potatoes~

While our parents are far from being workaholics (Daddy is way closer than our lazy mummy), it’s not everyday where the whole family gets home before the sun sets and just do nothing but watch TV.
Lucky for us, today is one such awesome day!
Daddy loves the cooling floor and would usually choose a spot between the couch and dining table where he gets the chance to work on his war hammies while watching the show.
Mummy, of course, claims the full couch.
As for us?
We drag our daybed to the front of the couch and place it right in front of the TV!
Definitely the best spot in the house. 
Can you guess what we are watching from the reflection?
Actually, our parents are closet ‘Wheel of Fortune’ junkies!
We are happy campers!
Looking forward to more movie nights!

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