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Our ride..

Pecan and I are like the grand(fur)kids that will never grow up.
Hence, our daily arrangement goes like this – we get dropped off at Grandmummy’s place (just five minutes ride away) in the morning when my parents leave for work. They will bring by and pick us up after work and bring us home. 
The plan works well as it means that we will never be home alone for an extended period of time. (Grandmummy’s domestic helper will walk us every few hours)
All is great, except for one tricky part – My parents are leeches and are sharing a car with Grandmummy. 
While it usually works out and my parents will take the car home in the evening and drive over in the morning, there are times when Grandmummy will need the car in the evenings and she will end up parking it at her place. As a result, she has to swing by to pick us up in the next morning.
And boy, do we hate it!
Cos she is ALWAYS LATE!
Despite agreeing on 7am as the pick up time, Grandmummy would dilly dally and drive by only around 7.20am! 
Tsk tsk tsk. So annoying, especially when we would hurry up to finish our little ‘businesses’ on time.
As usual, she was late again today…
And we were not happy~
But guess what, after wednesday, this is not gonna happen again!!!!!
Hehe, yap, something exciting is brewing! 
Meanwhile, shhhh…

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