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Our Birthday Treat – Pet Cruise

Our birthday came in three parts this year. 
The awesome cake was just the icing.
The second highlight of our special day was a….
I mean..why not?
Since both Pecan ah ma and myself are such huge fans of the water, Mummy thought it would be apt to bring us on a cruise out into the sea!
How cool is that!!
*Wriggly dance*
Each dog is considered a passenger and the maximum capacity of the boat is ten. Any group with four or more is required to book the whole cruise. 
Since there are four of us in total, we ended up having the whole boat to ourselves! 
Mummy did invite a few friends to join us. Unfortunately, due to her extreme lack of communication (okay la, to her credit, she had been working late nights for the whole week prior to the cruise), none of her friends turned up.
Boooo~ no give me face. 
But it worked out great as that meant that we had more space to roam around! 
Plus, we had a special guest on board with us. (This shall remain a mystery till the time is ripe!)
For one, we were really grateful for the dry and cool weather! Just the right kind for a sea outing!
I was super duper hyped up. Pecan ah ma, on the other hand, was a little unsure what she had gotten herself into.
Once the boat set sail, we were both on cloud nine instantly!
The breeze blowing on our little faces felt so gooooood!
Pecan ah ma was really crazy and started barking at EVERYTHING – the waves, the passing boats, and especially the unfortunate people who were just minding their own business and fishing at the jetty.
So embarrassing. 
As for me, a simple stick-my-tongue-at-you stunt did the job.
Nay-nay-nay-boo-boo, I’m on the ship, you are not.
*Wriggly dance*
While the crazy old lady engaged in non-stop barking, I had a ball just roaming around the ship and enjoying the sea breeze!
Thankfully, Pecan ah ma still managed to find some time to enjoy herself in between her incessant barking.
She actually insisted to drive too!
Heng, the Captain decided to do it himself. 
The duration of the cruise was two whole hours, which could be used however we liked. E.g. cruising all the way, anchoring at nowhere to enjoy a picnic or whichever.
My parents chose to embark on an empty beach to let us run free and play!!
Wheeeeeeeee~ they sure know us best!
The Captain drove the boat all the way to the shoreline of Coney Island and let us jump right off and swim to the beach.
Once there, we ran Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
We also had a blast saving our respective toys! 
Pecan ah ma is such a natural at the beach and she was fearless when facing those crashing waves. 
Erm, can’t quite say the same for me. The waves are a tiny weeny bit scary. 
Me no like.
As a result, I chose to abandon the rescue and got chided several times by Daddy who had to walk in (and his boardshorts got wet as a result, hehe) just to prevent monkey from being washed away.
It took me a while and with some coaxing, I did a couple of successful rescues eventually. 
After a good thirty minutes, we were told that we had to return to the boat.
Clearly, we were NOT happy. I put on my grumpy face while Pecan ah ma held her fort.
Too bad for us, Mummy simply just swept us up and placed us onto the boat.
Just when we thought that it was the end of our swimming, my parents actually had something else in mind.
With time to spare, they decided to let us swim in the deep end of the open sea! 
Since Daddy is the better swimmer of the lot (He did competitive swimming at six. As for Mummy, she can barely keep herself afloat. Sucks huh), he had the task of coming in with us.
We were not very convinced that we would like it. At least we had life jackets on. (The jackets are from Pet Cruise).
I had the first swim.
And I did not like it a bit.
It seemed like Daddy agreed too.
(Poor daddy had to continuously tread water for a good ten minutes! That explains his grumpy expression.)
I was so upset when Mummy got me back on the boat.
Despite my pitiful face, my stubborn Mummy decided to give it a second shot. 
This time with toys.
And that worked like a charm!
We did a couple of rescues before calling it a day.
We were quickly hosed down (there’s clean water supply on the boat too!) and dried.
Then, the kpo [busybody] dogs got right back to work!
That was when our parents burst our little bubble by telling us that we were heading back.
Seeing how upset we were, Mummy promised that she would bring us back again real soon.
And we even shook on it to seal the deal!
While I was a little disappointed that our birthday treat had to end, I’m hopeful that we will be back again!
Needless to say, we were still reluctant to leave the boat.
Daddy had to carry both of us off.
Oh, in case you’re wondering, we fell asleep in the car and nearly didn’t want to wake up for dinner or breakfast the next morning.
Thank you Uncle Joe for the lovely ride!!!
And of course, thank you Daddy for footing the bill (once again) and Mummy for suggesting this for a great, memorable birthday treat!


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