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A treat for the dogs!!

While Mummy was at work, a nice lady came and brought Pecan ah ma out. 
The nice lady was actually none other than Pecan’s other Mum – the one who loved her and doted on her for the first nine years of her life! (Of cos she still does!)
And when they returned a good few hours later, ah ma came back with a whole bag of goodies!!!!!
Pecan was very eager to show Mummy what she brought back!
After all the anticipation (we were staring at it all evening and nearly couldn’t resist the temptation), we finally got around to opening the loot!
And we found….dog toys (STUFFIES!), apparels, supplements and, most importantly, DOG TREATS!!
*wriggly dance*

Pecan was super excited about it..
I was kinda worried that she isn’t gonna share her awesome stash with me! 
But being the sweetheart she always is… *cough cough*
She said okay!
Ah ma is da best!
We started off by sharing the toys. 
I got the cupcake (how manly..-_-) and she got the ice cream cone!
Nom Nom nom…
And then the better part came..
Mummy opened the bag of treats!
Now you see it, now you don’t!
No pic la. 
Gone in one-sixth of a second. 

Of course, that was just one of many treats Mummy gave us for the rest of the night! And before we went to sleep, she gave us each a rawhide that was part of the stash as well.
I finished mine in record time while Pecan took her own sweet time to enjoy her very yummy rawhide little by little.
Thank you Pecan’s other Mum!
Please came by and visit again soon when you’re back.
Oh oh …and don’t forget treatssssss!

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